Introducing House of Leo

After several months, some blood, sweat and tears .... (actually don't worry, no blood was spilled in the creation of this website), I am thrilled to launch my new on-line store - House of Leo.  

What's in a Name?

To be honest, when I told some family and friends about the name I was thinking about for my on-line store - there were a lot of stares, and "that's nice" remarks.  And in true Leo Fashion (eh Sue?) :) - I ignored every one of them and continued along this theme of a name.  To be honest, it wasn't my first choice.  I had various combinations of my kids names, their initials, journey's in life, second chances, new beginnings etc. (If you have read our "About Us" section, you'll understand the reference to new beginnings).  However, what I kept coming back to was the essence of what I wanted to convey throughout this online store down to the brands that I chose.  Strength, determination, perseverance, and pride - were characteristics of the persona for the store - and it just so happens these are some of the positive traits of the Leo - there are many negative ones too - but that's not the point.   The word "Leo" embodies all of these things for me - and so I introduce you to the House of Leo.


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